EssexDataComms will  Start with a free site Survey, taking into account structural obsticles, Health and safety issues, access timetables, needs and costs
be it a survey for  safeguarding lockdown or CCTV or  Access Control.


After reviewing  the survey , we will recommend a solution that uses  the best equipment for your budget and needs,
ensuring a cost effective way to allow for future growth when possible.


We will organise certified engineers to install your chosen cctv or access control solution.
Our engineers are all DBS Checked, health and safety compliant with a polite professional manner.
They will work around your establishment timescales and schedules with minimal disruption and ensure a clean, tidy and safe working area.


After your satisfactory install EssexDataComms can offer you Maintenace and support. 
We will work with you to fit a solution around your budgets and needs


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